Every serious player in global Banking and Financial Services across the globe wants to make sure that they have robust business and technical strategy backed up with solid solutions and keep them competent in the face of changing customer demographics, unparalleled regulation, never-before competition. The industry must respond to these new conditions by re-aligning their resources, processes and technologies.


Our experts keep themselves constantly updated and trained on these challenges specially the impacted technical and business areas making sure that they continue to make positive impact in terms of the consulting solutions provided to our clients in their business critical areas. We always make sure that our clients gain from our expertise constantly. We have converted these challenges into opportunities for our clients helping them maintain their advantage in key offerings.

We have developed a capability to become solution partner in all key business and technical areas of this challenging industry for our clients across all segments.

We constantly strive to:

  • Tailor-made solutions to address unique needs of the clients/industry
  • Modernise the complex business processes
  • Link our consulting solutions with tangible delivery
  • Drive down cost and increased business efficiency

Key Challenges

  • Consolidation and increase in scope of services
  • A blurring of the distinctions between various segments within
  • Ever-increasing regulatory and security requirements
  • Price pressures and demand for superior customer service
  • Strategy changes to accommodate improvements in information technology


" The banking and financial services sector has been undergoing rapid change in recent years across the globe. TESTQ is at the forefront with our clients helping them maintain their competitive advantage during these testing times. Our experts enable leading players of this industry achieve the business transformation throughout the value chain resulting positive customer experience and increased operational efficiency. "


  • Core Banking and Retail Finance
  • Payments Solutions
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Capital Markets
  • Investment Banking Insurance – Life and Annuities
  • Insurance – Property and Casualty
  • Insurance – Medical
  • Reinsurance