Technical Business Analyst

Job Description:

Reference: TQ2223_2135_231 


Vacancy: 3 

Job title: Technical Business Analyst 

Location: Leicester 

Job Purpose: 

TESTQ Technologies is an IT services and solutions company whose offerings span over a variety of industry sectors with strong technical, domain, and process expertise helping clients grow their businesses and decrease operational costs on a continuous basis in an ever-changing business environment. 

This opportunity is in the solution design and development arena for Technical Business Analyst who will play a major role with the technical design and development of company’s technical offerings. The role is based at our Leicester office with occasional assignments at client locations. 

Job Description (Main Duties and Responsibilities): 

  • Performing system analyses on software programs, applications, and web services.  
  • Determining system efficiency and functionality by liaising with internal departments and end-users.  
  • Reporting to Management and obtaining approval for system development projects.  
  • Efficiently integrating new systems, programs, and applications with business operations and services.  
  • Analyzing and improving the performance of web-based customer portals and support services.  
  • Ensuring end-user proficiency with new systems, programs, and applications across departments.  
  • Monitoring product licenses and ensuring compliance with IT industry regulations.  
  • Ensuring that computer hardware remains compatible with system enhancements and updates.  
  • Develop and execute processes for identifying, approving, testing, introducing, and implementing emerging technologies 
  • Promoting system efficiency and security by integrating performance metrics and encryption.  
  • Implementing new advancements in the field of system and enterprise architecture. 
  • Develop processes and procedures to capture feedback and gauge associate experience. 
  • Work with global IT teams to understand needs and requirements related to conferencing and emerging technologies. Assist with requirements gathering, technical configuration, budgeting, and project readiness 

Key Skills, Qualifications and Experience Needed [The candidate must demonstrate these in all stages of assessment] 

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science or information technology, and an accredited qualification in management consultancy, or similar.  
  • Extensive experience in technical business analysis in a related industry.  
  • Advanced knowledge of programming languages like SQL and system integration solutions.  
  • Ability to facilitate internal end-user proficiency.  
  • Ability to design and maintain efficient customer portal support and feedback channels.  
  • Ensuring optimal system functionality via integrated diagnostics.  
  • Advanced knowledge of data security and encryption.  
  • Ability to keep up with IT advancements.  
  • Exceptional communication skills toward facilitating the use of new software systems.  
  • Knowledge of relevant licensing and industry compliance regulations. 
  • Able to discuss experience with cloud software solutions  
  • Knowledge of implementation and configuration of enterprise systems such as CRM, PSA, or ERP 
  • MS Teams and Azure experience preferred 
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to translate technical jargon into relatable business concepts 


Other Key skills: 

  • Good analytical and Problem-solving skills 
  • Good communication skills 
  • A thorough approach and Self starter 
  • Focus on quality and delivery 
  • Working together in teams. 
  • Leadership and effective decision making. 
  • Flexible Attitude 
  • Excellent customer service 


Qualifications:  Bachelor's degree or above in the UK or Equivalent. 

Salary: GBP 29000 to 40000 per annum 

Published Date: 06 March 2023 

Closing Date: 05 April 2023 

Evaluation: CV Review, Technical Test, Personal and Technical Interview and References 

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent [Part time and Fixed Term option is available]